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Blog Review 17 – The Stepney Girl’s Secret

I kindly accepted an offer to review Jean Fullerton latest book The Stepney Girl’s Secret This historical fictional book is the author’s fourth book series.

The book was released on 4th May 2023 and is available in Amazon the online retailers both in U.K. & USA. Congratulations to Jean for another remarkable book.

Book Description

The Stepney Girl’s Secret

A brand new heart-warming and atmospheric saga fiction series from Jean Fullerton, charting the loves, hopes and heartaches of three women who move a rectory in Stepney, East London during WW2.

East London, 1940. At the outbreak of war, hopeless romantic Prue Carmichael and her sister must leave their rural parish behind when their father is posted to a church in Stepney. To Prue, the blitz-ravaged streets of London seem an unlikely place for love to bloom – until a chance encounter throws rakish engineer Jack Quinn into her path. But as their connection deepens, his troubled past begins to emerge, and Prue realises Jack has secrets to hide . . .

Luckily, in between starting work at a railway yard and helping her mother house Jewish refugees in the parish, Prue manages to keep her mind off love and on the wartime effort. However, Jack isn’t the only man who’s fallen for Prue – and when he is recruited into Churchill’s secret underground army, an unexpected suitor offers a fresh distraction.

As air raid sirens sound and the Battle of Britain rages overhead, Prue Carmichael must face some of the greatest horrors of her young life. Meanwhile, she is waging her own battle – the fight between her heart and her head . . .

Amidst the ruins of war, will Prue and Jack’s love find a way to flourish?

About The Author – Jean Fullerton

Born and bred in East London Jean was a District Nurse by trade and ended her thirty-year career in health care as a senior lecture in Health and Nursing Studies in London Southbank University.

She had published twenty sagas all set in East London with both Orion and Atlantic the most recent of which is the highly successful Ration Book series. She has also recently released her autobiography A Child of the East End.

Book Review

I’m a huge fan of Jean’s books and she never fails in providing a beautifully written book.  

She always catches the period she’s written about, to the point you feel like it’s almost real. A very well researched author who’s provided over 500 pages of enjoyment. 

The book is written on the struggles of life in the 1940’s and the book is centred around Prudence Carmichael known as Prue. 

Prue the youngest child to a rector has moved from the countryside to the east end of London.  Prue is actively involved in working and supporting St Winifred’s parishioners including offering her parents home to Jewish refugees. 

In achieving all of the above she falls in love with Jack Quinn but not all is smooth along the way. Will her and Jack become a couple? 

I would certainly recommend this book.

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Olive Collins

Book Review 16 – Mahattan Ember by Olive Collins

16I kindly accepted an offer to review Olive Collins latest book Manhattan Ember. This historical fictional book is the author’s 4th book to date.

The book was released on 28th Feb 2023 and is available in most supermarkets, bookstores, and online retailers. Congratulations to Olive for another remarkable book.

Book Description

Roisin Gallagher has had many names and nicknames. As a child, she was known as The Orphan Gallagher. She was married twice and took each of her husband’s names and when her second husband disappeared, she was known as the Widow Kilbane. Although a wealthy woman with a unique story of her own, it was the disappearance of her husband that defined her. Ger Kilbane was akin to a myth, a man who reportedly ‘fell off the face of the earth.’

Marguerite Kelley’s childhood home was dominated by the disappearance of her uncle who, according to some, ‘vanished into thin air.’ In November 1905, she is the first to hear about the discovery of a skeleton tucked under the eaves of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Manhattan. Suspecting the remains are that of her uncle who worked on its the construction, she hopes it will solve a mystery that has overshadowed her family for a quarter of a century.

Patrick Kilbane came to New York with aspirations as great as the ship on which he sailed. He and his brothers were fleeing more than poverty and oppression. Patrick was happy to leave his family’s sordid history at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. In New York, Patrick found success as a businessman and Alderman in Five Points. When his daughter, Marguerite greets him with the news of the discovery of a skeleton in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, he realizes that it is as impossible to flee from his family’s past as it is for a man to ‘vanish into thin air.’

About The Author – Olive Collins

Olive Collins is an award winning and bestselling historical fiction writer. Olive grew up in the Irish midlands. She has travelled extensively and lived abroad for years before returning to her roots in Thurles, County Tipperary. Her novels have remained high in the charts, received critical acclaim and her stories resonate with book clubs around the world.

If you’d like to read more, please feel free to sign up to her newsletter for updates, new releases, background stories and much more

Book Review

The book is about Irish immigrants travelling and settling in New York, USA. The passengers of the ship developed friendships and in some cases relationships but not all the passengers are what they seem.  The author goes into greater detail about Roison & Una Gallagher, Maisy O’Brien, Fiona Finnegan & Tadhg O’Siodhachin and Kilbane brothers, Patrick, Raymond, and Ger.

During the crossing there is sickness, death, miracle cures, entertainment, interactions, jealously and fighting, however the dramas don’t end on the ship. You will learn how the immigrants are settling in New York; however, things will change for all the immigrants and not always in a positive light. The immigrates are either content with their new life or and what it has to offer or aim for more. Along the way there are births, marriages, and deaths, however if things were only that simple. St Patricks Cathedral is a key landmark shared by all the immigrants, which creates happiness for some and sadness for others.

The book is a thoroughly interesting and an addictive read. The author goes into specifics on each of the immigrants and how their lives are intertwined throughout the book. The book is very relatable in some ways as a child of Irish immigrants and as an adult living in another continent with Irish immigrants, hence very factual. I will be sourcing Olive’s other books to read and would recommend this book to historical friction to readers, I would give this book 5 stars.

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Yasmine Azad

Book Review 15 – Stay Daughter by Yasmine Azad

I kindly accepted an offer to review Yasmine Azad book Stay, Daughter.  As I was brought up in a multi cultured city in the UK and I’m always willing to learn about other people’s cultures and life experiences.

The book was released on 30th March 2023 and is available in most bookstores and online retailers now. Congratulations to Yasmin for a very informative book.

Book Description

Suffused with love, humour, and compassion, Stay, Daughter gives an intimate glimpse into a traditional Muslim community that must balance the rules of Islamic orthodoxy with the freedoms and innovations of the Westernized modern world. The memoir follows the history of a community in Sri Lanka that, in the late 19th century, breaks with the traditions of the time to give girls a secular education and permission to go out of their homes. Before long, such independence and exposure to foreign ideas brings heartbreak to many families as their daughters move away from the customs that had once been the norm. Although the book tells the story of a single family, it draws on a situation that almost all Muslims struggle with as they negotiate a changing world where women are no longer who they used to be.

About The Author – Yasmine Azad

Yasmin Azad was among the first group of girls in her Muslim community in Sri Lanka to go away to university. Soon after obtaining a degree in English from the University of Ceylon, she moved to the United States, where she worked for over two decades as a mental health counsellor. Stay, Daughter draws on her experiences growing up in a close-knit, conservative society which, when it gave more independence to women, had to deal with the challenge of reconciling the rules of Islamic orthodoxy with the freedoms and innovations of the modern world.

Book Review

A beautiful written memoir of a young Muslim girl in Ceylon now known as a Sri Lanka. Yasmine is able not only to explain the roles of family members in an Islamic world, but you also get a better understanding of her culture.

I am sure that Yasmine’s upbringing was unique as her father was very conservative and allowed her to enjoy experiences of the western world. You will read about Yasmine’s life experiences in greater detail and for instance being taught by Irish catholic nuns and riding a bicycle. I don’t believe anyone has a real appreciation for how confusing it could of be for a young girl living in a Muslin world but exposed to Catholicism. Yasmine didn’t have the luxury of shelves filled with books or western clothes unlike Penny.

Hopefully after reading Yasmine memoirs, it will give the western world a better understanding of Muslim life and how people in places like the UK, are blessed in so many ways. I am sure Yasmine is thankful every day for her father’s encouragement of education including higher education.

Yasmine’s book was very informative book and very worthy of a read, I would encourage you all to read this memoir and become more knowledgeable of a girl living a Muslim life.

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Book Review 14 -The Translator by Harriet Crawley

I kindly accepted an offer to review Harriet Crawley’s latest book The Translator.  I’m always intrigued by M16 and the Secret Intelligence Service, so I was looking forward to this thriller.

The book was released on 23rd March 2023 and is available in most bookstores and online retailers now. Congratulations to Harriet for a captivating book.

Book Description

Moscow, September 2017. Clive Franklin, a Russian language expert in the Foreign Office, is summoned unexpectedly to the city to act as translator for the British Prime Minister. His life is turned on its head when, after more than a decade, he discovers that his former lover, Marina Volina, is now the interpreter to the Russian President. At the embassy, Clive learns of a Russian plotto cut the undersea cables linking the US to the UK which would paralyse communications andcollapse the Western economy. Marina stuns Clive with the news that she’s ready to help stop theattack, betraying her country for a new identity and a new life.

About The Author – Harriet Crawley

Harriet Crawley has been a journalist, writer, and art dealer, worked in televisionand radio and stood for the Westminster and European Parliaments. For almost twenty years Harriet had one foot in Moscow where she launched a technical publishing business for a Russian oil and gas company. She speaks five languages, and this is her fifth book.

Book Review

The book is about a British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Russian Translator, Clive Franklin. Clive is multilingual and has been summoned by the Prime Minster to assist on a trip to Russia. Clive’s Russian is very authentic as he studied at Cambridge and lived in Moscow for a couple years as diplomat for FCO at the British Embassy. Alongside Clive on the trip was Sir Martin Hyde, once MI6 but now special advisor on Russian affairs wanted Clive to keep his ears open as he felt that something was about to happen involving the Russian Prime Mister ex KGB.

Clive was divorced; however, he was in love with Marina, a Russian translator prior to his marriage.  He kept an interest about Marina’s life and knew that her husband had died of cancer some years earlier. He wasn’t sure if he was going to see her again but they did finally meet during his business trip, however he didn’t realize she was the translator for the Russian Prime Minster. Clive and Marina’s relationship rekindles, and it soon becomes obvious that their love for each never dies. Marina will open up on why she never took the relationship further at the time and the fireworks start again.

During the trip, Clive realises as previously warned by Hyde that the FSB follow his every movement.  Therefore, he must be very careful when meeting up with Marina as the General Varlaechka is very inquisitive about her and him and they can’t be seen together unless on official business. Marina has an axe to grind with General Varlachka, which you will learn in more depth in the book.

As the book evolves Marina, provides intelligence to the British via Clive. This intelligence is of importance to the British but also part of sweet revenge against the General. The information takes a while for Marina to gather but in the end the British prevent the Russians fully succeeding in their mission.

Marina gets her revenge on the General as she’s always one step ahead. The ending with Clive is maybe predictable and very pleasing if you are a romantic like me, however how the author concludes the ending of the book, is sheer brilliance. I would thoroughly recommend this book and give this book 5-star review.

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Book Review 13 – Where the River Flows by Romola Farr

I kindly accepted an offer to review Romola Farr latest book Where the Water Flows.  This fictional book is the 3rd book in the Hawksmead series.

The book was released on 2nd Jan 2023 and is available on Amazon the online retailer in the UK and US. Congratulations to Romola for an incredible book.

Book Description

Romola Farr first trod the boards on the West End stage aged sixteen and continued to work for the next eighteen years in theatre, TV and film – and as a photographic model. A trip to Hollywood led to the sale of her first screenplay and a successful change of direction as a screenwriter and playwright. Bridge To Eternity was her debut novel, and Breaking through the Shadows and Where the Water Flows are standalone sequels. All three novels are set in the fictional town of Hawksmead.

About The Author – Romola Farr

It had been a long, hot summer followed by a very wet autumn. The River Hawk, lying to the north of a former little mill town, was in full flood but nobody imagined the catastrophe that lay ahead. Not the elderly couple who created a beautiful memorial garden that would become a lake. Not the opera singer who found a friend who would risk all to save her life. Not the owner of Wax Polish who would battle to rescue her first love. Not the new parents who would be overwhelmed and torn apart. And certainly not two drama students whose lives would change forever.

Book Review

The book is about a mill town and its imaginary characters. The town has a famous local drama school, a pub, a beauty shop, a tea shop, methodist church and an estate agency. The author has the excellent skill of developing a book that you almost feel like you’re watching a tv drama. The book covers social culture issues, which every reader should be able to associate with.

Joel a student at the local famous drama school who is infatuated with a fellow American student Cadence. Joel was meant to stay with his godmother Eleanor but unfortunately, she is very ill with covid 19 and is in isolating above the teashop. She has other health issues, which you will discover as you read the book. Therefore, Joel is staying with an elderly couple Malcolm & Audrey, a wonderful and very endearing couple. Eleanor has developed a relationship with Ron or should I say Frank. Ron is a mystery one, however he’s about to undergo the greatest gesture a human can give.

Cadence is staying at the pub with Heather and Tom, whilst she attends the local drama school. She has part time work in the beauty shop and the estate agency. The owner of the beauty shop is Magdalena and she’s in a relationship with Trevor the owner of the estate agency. Subsequently she’s in love with Christina, Lady Cornfield who is married to Abel, Lord Cornfield. Christina was previously married to Gary their employee, an ex-policeman. Lord Cornfield has a loveable bullmastiff dog called Hector and the couple are about to have a baby girl called Rowena.

The author has created so much content in the book, covering health issues, to relationships, tragedy and disasters. The book was both engaging and addictive, it’s certainly an author I won’t hesitate in purchasing any future books.

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Hawkmead Book Series

  1. Bridge To Eternity
  2. Breaking Through the Shadows
  3. Where the Water Flows
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Book Review 12 – River Sing Me Home by Eleanor Shearer

I had accepted an offer to review Eleanor Shearer book River Sing Me Home. This historical novel is the 1st book of the inspiring and thought provoking author.

The book was released on 19th Jan 2023 and is available in most supermarkets, bookstores, and online retailers. Congratulations to Eleanor for an incredible book.

Book Description

Powerful, moving and redemptive, RIVER SING ME HOME tells of a mother’s desperate search to find her stolen children and her freedom. We whisper the names of the ones we love like the words of a song. That was the taste of freedom to us, those names on our lips. Mary Grace, Micah, Thomas Augustus, Cherry Jane and Mercy. These are the names of her children. The five who survived, only to be sold to other plantations. The faces Rachel cannot forget.

It’s 1834, and the law says her people are now free. But for Rachel freedom means finding her children, even if the truth is more than she can bear. With fear snapping at her heels, Rachel keeps moving. From sunrise to sunset, through the cane fields of Barbados to the forests of British Guiana and on to Trinidad, to the dangerous river and the open sea. Only once she knows their stories can she rest. Only then can she finally find home.

About The Author – Eleanor Shearer

ELEANOR SHEARER is a mixed-race writer and the granddaughter of Windrush generation immigrants. She splits her time between London and Ramsgate so that she never has to go too long without seeing the sea. For her Master’s degree in Politics at the University of Oxford, Eleanor studied the legacy of slavery and the case for reparations, and her fieldwork in St. Lucia and Barbados helped inspire her

Book Review

The book tells a story of life of a very brave courageous woman searching for her children. A broken family, who had been separated due to slavery. The family are living on different islands and are oceans apart. In some cases, some of the family members are living on the same island, and not to far apart but very unaware of their closeness.

Rachel was a mother of many, however you’ll learn the circumstances of each child in the novel. Each child has a story, so there is sadness reliving the events, nevertheless there may some happiness. Rachel undertakes some work for both her shelter and her food. This contributes with the her search in finding family members.

Along the way, she establishes some friendships, who will assist her in searching for her children. On the other hand, there is a few people who are not so pleasant along the way instilling some fear.

Rachel shows incredible strength and an appetite for being very resourceful throughout the novel. She travels the seas, works very hard and is inquisitive in her search.

The novel also gives the reader an appreciation of how slavery impacts family members. It also and enlightens your knowledge of living in such times. A very enjoyable and informative novel.

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Book Review 11 – The Orphanage Girls Reunited

I kindly accepted an offer to review Mary Wood’s latest book The Orphanage Girls Reunited.  This historical fiction is the 2nd book in the orphanage girl’s series.

The book was released on 8th Dec 2022 and is available in most supermarkets, bookstores, and online retailers. Congratulations to Mary for another incredible book.

Book Description

Abandoned by her father for the second time, left scarred from the orphanage, Ellen finally finds happiness and hope – reunited with her long-lost gran. But it cannot compensate for being torn apart from her beloved friends Ruth and Amy. When a devastating encounter leaves Ellen broken and desperate, she is forced to fight her past demons. Ruth has found peace, building a new life as an actress surrounded by new friends. But still, she longs to be with Ellen and Amy after everything they endured together in the orphanage. Amy was shipped to Canada with hundreds of other orphans, what hope have they of finding her? One wish comes true when Ruth’s acting career leads her to Ellen. No sooner has the dust settled, war is on the horizon. Friendship locked them into each other’s her hearts forever

About The Author – Mary Wood

Born the thirteenth child of fifteen to a middle-class mother and an East End barrow boy, Mary Wood’s childhood was a mixture of love and poverty. Throughout her life Mary has held various posts in office roles, working in the probation services, and brought up her four children and numerous grandchildren, step-grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

An avid reader, she first put pen to paper in 1989 while nursing her mother through her last months, but didn’t become successful until she began self-publishing her novels in 2011

Book Review

The book continues the life of Ellen, now a teenager is abandoned by her father again. She goes to live with her grandmother and their relationship develops throughout the book. Along the way, she is home schooled by Adrian preparing for her to go to medical school.

You learn about Ruth, who is still designing hats and an actress on stage in London. Ellen finds Ruth on the stage and realises that they are really sisters. As the relationship grows and they are inseparable and become extremely close. Their lives are not always a bed of roses but there is both happy and sad times and this is explored throughout the book, keeping you very gripped to the end.

Mary has the extraordinary gift of developing a story with an incredible imagination and dovetailed with her research. This book was awarded 5 stars from me and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Mary Wood’s Book Series

  1. Breckton
  2. Generation War
  3. Girls Who Went to War
  4. Jam Factory Girls
  5. Orphanage Girls
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Book Review 10 – Them Roper Girls by David G Bailey.

I’ve accepted a further offer to write a book review for David G Bailey latest book Them Roper Girls. I haven’t read any of David’s previous work, nevertheless I was eager to start a book about family history.

The book is available in most bookstores and online retailers now. Congratulations to David for his latest book.

Book Description

They were beauties all right, them Roper girls – but sometimes even four aces don’t make a winning hand.

In an unsettled household in the 1950s, how will the sisters come up from their shipwrecked childhood? Facing issues including domestic and sexual abuse, physical and mental illness, they struggle to offer their own children a better legacy. Follow them over sixty years to see if all the siblings make it safely to shore.

About the Author – David G Bailey

David G Bailey was born in Lincolnshire and mainly schooled in the Isle of Ely, also studying in the Fens and the Black Forest. He has lived in the USA, Caribbean and South America as well as the UK.

To read more of and about David’s work, including a quarterly newsletter and new content daily comprising extracts from diaries and other writing over more than fifty years, visit his website

Book Review

If your a fan of social history and family history throughout the decades, this is the book for you. The book can be confusing at times as the story is told by the sisters and their mother. Once you establish who’s who, it gets easier. One of the family members writes a section telling their account in a decade. There is also a diagram of the Roper family tree to dovetail the book to assist your understanding of the family set up.

The book covers every scenario that a family can experience, from sexual, physical abuse to mental illness, to name a few, including learned behaviours. However I don’t feel I got closure to some of the stories explored in the book and it would have been very interesting to readers.

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Book Review 9 – Jacqueline in Paris by Ann Mah

I’ve accepted a further offer to write a book review for Ann Mah latest book Jacqueline in Paris. I haven’t read any of Ann’s previous work, therefore I was keen to commence this memoir.

The book is available in most bookstores and online retailers now. Congratulations to Ann for such a beautifully written novel.

Book Description

From the bestselling author of The Lost Vintage, a rare and dazzling portrait of Jacqueline Bouvier’s college year abroad in post war Paris, an intimate and electrifying story of love and betrayal, and the coming-of-age of an American icon – before the world knew her as Jackie. In September 1949 Jacqueline Bouvier arrives in post war Paris to begin her junior year abroad. She’s twenty years old, socially poised but financially precarious, and all too aware of her mother’s expectations that she makes a brilliant match. Before relenting to family pressure, she has one year to herself far away from sleepy Vassar College and the rigid social circles of New York, a year to explore and absorb the luminous beauty of the City of Light. Jacqueline is immediately catapulted into an intoxicating new world of champagne and châteaux, art and avant-garde theatre, cafés, and jazz clubs. She strikes up a romance with a talented young writer who shares her love of literature and passion for culture – even though her mother would think him most unsuitable. But beneath the glitter and rush, France is a fragile place still haunted by the Occupation. Jacqueline lives in a rambling apartment with a widowed countess and her daughters, all of whom suffered as part of the French Resistance just a few years before. In the aftermath of World War II, Paris hasbecome a nest of spies, and suspicion, deception, and betrayal lurk around every corner. Jacquelineis stunned to watch the rise of communism – anathema in America, but an active movement in France– never guessing she is witnessing the beginning of the political environment that will shape the rest of her life—and that of her future husband.

Evocative, sensitive, and rich in historic detail, Jacqueline in Paris portrays the origin story of an American icon. Ann Mah brilliantly imagines the intellectual and aesthetic awakening of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, and illuminates

About The Author – Ann Mah

Ann Mah is an American food and travel writer. She is the author of the USA. Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller The Lost Vintage, as well as three other books. She contributes regularly to the New York Times Travel section, and her articles have appeared in the Washington Post, Condé

Nast Traveller, The Best American Travel Writing, The New York Times Footsteps, Washingtonian magazine,,,,, and other publications.

Book Review

This is a beautifully written book is a historic account of the life of Jacqueline Bouvier, when she studied at Vasey College in Paris. Jacqueline left America with some other young ladies to study for a year in Paris and stay with a host family known by her family. Jacqueline stays with a widow, her two daughters and a grandson. You discover more about host family, which involves WW11 and French politics

This wonderful opportunity allows Jacqueline and the other American students to become proficient in the French language and engross themselves into the European culture. Jacqueline is a very keen reader and can purchase books from old bookshops to fulfil her appetite for literature. In addition, she can explore Europe following the aftermath of the second world war and she experiences both pleasure and reality.

During her year in the city of light, Jacqueline meets a young American writer, Jack and you follow their relationship in greater depth. Jack introduces her to various individuals and during her visit to Paris she learns more about communism and spies.

Anyone who has a keen interest in in Jacqueline Bouvier life and has a keen interest in historic events will enjoy this novel. I would recommend this book to other readers.

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Kathy Biggs

Book Review 8 – The Luck, Kathy Biggs

I have a passion for historical fiction; therefore, I couldn’t refuse the opportunity to write a book review and be included in the @RandonTTours for Kathy Biggs book The Luck

The book is available in most bookstores and online retailers now. Congratulations to Kathy for a thoroughly enjoyable book.

Book Description

1930: Beattie and Darragh give all they have to make a living from their Midwest farm, The Luck, pouring their love in to their home and their one son. When Conrad leaves to find a new life they are heartbroken, but later thrilled when his two young daughters come to live with them. The girls are a new start for Beattie and she is determined to keep them.

As Olive and Rose grow up as strong-willed as their grandmother, the family will see betrayal, heartbreak, murder, and also intense joy in this gripping family saga.

About The Author – Kathy Biggs

Kathy Biggs is originally from Yorkshire. She took a summer job in Mid Wales in 1985-and never left. She has two grown children and lives with her husband, Paul. After studying a number of Creative Writing courses linked to Aberystwyth University, shed is covered a talent for writing. The Luck is her first novel.

Book Review

The book main characters are centred around the O’Grady family in the USA. Darragh the head of the family was originally from Ireland met his future wife Beattie in the USA. The book describes Beattie in greater detail how Darragh and herself met.

They have a son, Conrad was very similar to his father, in time leaves the family and goes yonder. He a meets a woman, and they have 2 daughters Olive & Rose. As the novel continues, you will discover that Darragh & Beattie brings up Conrad’s daughters on the farm with genuine love.

Olive and Rose have different personalities and as time goes on, they want different things in life. If you throw men into the mix and you have feelings and devastation. The novel will go into further detail about the Gil McKenzie and the shifty Michael Kelly.

The book provides a wonderful historical read, of love, jealousy, heartache including murder. I was hooked a couple of pages in and thoroughly enjoyed the book, it’s an author I certainly be looking out for in the future. I would recommend this book and it give a well-deserved 5 stars.

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